by Ola Onabulé



released April 12, 1999


all rights reserved



Ola Onabulé UK

Ola Onabulé.

"Ola possesses a stunning voice of enormous range and emotional clout ..beautifully clear and appealingly textured".

The Guardian


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Track Name: Out There
©1996 Ola Onabule & Karlos Edwards

Standing at the top, looking down below
Flashing what you got like I ain't got hope
Saying what you feel, Just don’t give a damn
Taking what is real from a desperate man
There’s always something out there
Waiting to find you
There’s always some thing out there
But you just don’t realise
Track Name: Heartbreak Ghetto
Heartbreak Ghetto
©1999 Ola Onabule

Verse 1
If I were you and you were me
I would be good to me
And ever so true to me
But you’re never good to me

Seems to me you got some nerve
Faking your empathy
A flash of humanity
But it ain’t for the good of me

You say in the right , don’t got no rights
not necessarily
But I know
Got no rights has got to fight cos I - I - I

Can’t let you do what you’ve done best
Building your heart break ghetto
Wont let you do what you’ve done best
Building your heart break ghetto!

Verse 2
Tho' I’m blind I feel the tears
Of losing my dignity
The things that you do to me
Will burn for eternity

I am honed, I stand prepared
To find all the good in you
The best you can hope to do
Is all that I’ve been to you


Choruses Out
Track Name: The Picture
The Picture
© 1999 Ola Onabule

I can see the picture, Not the way you paint it
And you can tell your story, It ain’t nothing like I heard it
I’m holding out for justice, While living on a prayer
Pondering on the meaning of such a troubled peace

Verse 1
I count the lives and all the years
That have faded in struggle
And settled on generations
Who neither love nor hate

And while we dream indifferent fears
Truth is caught in the middle
With little right and so much wrong
How will we change our fate

Bridge 1
Every new arrival to the storm
Fights a little less to make things normal
So yet another brother falls
I for one don’t wanna go that way
Here I stand my ground so here I stay
There’ll be no fuss or frettin' when destiny calls

Verse 2
I felt the truth and saw the truth
But It was gone in a second
And so I searched but searched in vain
For a second glimpse of hope

Now I can’t stop, why should I doubt
I know some one will listen
To broken hearts and promises
That may live but never cope

Bridge 2
Every little mystery that we solve
Is the brand new puzzle that evolves
But ain’t no answer to the fundamental game
What we say we will we seldom can
Can’t be failing to some greater plan
Sometimes what I got and living ain’t quite the same

Mid 8
no more words, what difference do they make
to a picture of so much heart break

Sometimes I don’t wanna go on and then I see my babies laugh and cry
and then I know for them I got to try to paint a different picture

Ad libs and Choruses out till fade
Track Name: Twice As Much
Twice As Much
©1999 Ola Onabule

Whatever it is you make me feel
Is Twice as much as half of what you feel
What ever it is it feels surreal
And twice as much as half of what you feel

Verse 1
I don’t need a reason
To be with you everyday
But I’m experiencing
All of those tasty things you say

What I got for you is mega
Its gettin positively better
What I got for you is Giga
I wanna do you love for ever

Verse 2
The thought of you in my home
Brings me closer to a tear
Making love all day long
Till a brand new day is near


Choruses Out
Track Name: Stay Here Forever
Stay Here For Ever
© 1999 Ola Onabule

Verse 1
Oh! what we have found here
when did it become so clear
Yet inexplicable...

I wanna stay here forever
Ohhh It couldn’t get any better
Nothing tastes sweeter
Lets stay here for ever more

Verse 2
This is what I believe in
Bliss and magical feelings
So indestructible...

I wanna stay here forever
Ohhh This is the height of all pleasure
Joy beyond measure
Lets stay here for ever more


I wanna stay here forever
Ohhh This is the height of all pleasure
Joy beyond measure
Lets stay here for ever more

Break down!
If there’s a truth I know
You can’t overgrow
Love that’s from the soul
Stay here for ever

It may cause you pain
but it ‘s not in vain
You’ll always smile again
Stay here for ever
Track Name: Birthday Funk
Birthday Funk
Ola Onabule © 1999

She was was fine, She was was eloquent yet fine
She could have had the choice cut of my day
She was sure she was confidently sure
That I’d be wanting more of what she gave

I so unstintingly obliged
I resigned myself to flight
I’m reckless on a moonlit night


Good was happening,
Time was stopping,
We were laughing
Like it was my birthday

The wave was breaking
As my up was lifting
And I ain’t had this feeling
Since it was my birthday

So we were singing Ba dap doo, Ba dap doo Ba dap doo

She did good ,
But my instincts knew she would
I could not begin to want or hope for more
But you see a bit of courage sets you free
So I summoned up the Dutch to know the score

She so unstintingly obliged
And resigned herself to flight
She’s reckless on a moonlit night

Track Name: Heart Of Mine
Heart of Mine
© 1999 Ola Onabule

Heart of mine, you’re nothing like a friend
If you were, I wouldn’t be so in love with that Girl
We’ll be fine you said before the end
Now she’s gone and I find I’m still so in love

In the light of day It seemed so clear to me
She was the all I thought I’d need
Now that day is done my dream is yet to be
What’s the point in, hopeless hoping
If the one you want don’t care

Gone before I had a chance to say the words
forever trapped in my head
Echoes that may not fade and still never be heard
What’s the point in, needless wanting
If there ain't no one to have

It seems that love only came to let me know
Pain I’d have never known ...
(left on my own)

Choruses Out
Track Name: Precious Libations
©1999 Ola Onabule

Why is this young man running
Is he the prey or is he hunting

Why are these people crying
Is it for joy or is their joy dying

Why is their luck not turning
Why is there no one listening
Why is there no point in crying
They say look at it this way

He’s just one more precious libation to silent gods
He’s just one more precious libation to silent gods
He’s just one more precious libation to silent gods
Track Name: If You Knew
If You Knew
© 1999 Ola Onabule

If you knew what I know
You wouldn’t be standing in your shoes
Laughing while singing the blues to me

If you’d been where I've been
You wouldn’t be heading back that way
So carelessly saying what you say to me

Verse 1
It’s gonna be good
I’m gonna be fine
Did what i could
Now I’m gonna be fine

But It ain't down to you I’m better
And you didn’t do me single favour
When I was cracking under pressure
Ya thought I was beat but I guess I’m stronger oh yeah!

Verse 2
I’m willing to learn
It’s never too late
so long waiting my turn
But it ain’t ever too late

Why would I give up on the future
It’s the ultimate adventure
I think I made the perfect mixture
A bit of hope and peace to capture oh yeah

Mid 8

Big adventure straight ahead
You can lie but you made your bed
I got keys you can go inside
but ain’t no call for what you’ve implied
If you can’t then don’t show me love
sure ain’t what I been dying of
You put me down like I ain’t got talk
Just put me down I can sho’ nuff walk

Choruses Out
Track Name: Never Alone
Never Alone
© 1999 Ola Onabule

I’m never alone
When making my way through the darkness
I’m not afraid anymore
Her love gives me hope

Verse 2
There was a time
The wrong time to trust in love
Faith was the crime
I had been so guilty of

Then there was you
And with you came something rare
aiming so true
Till all the worst disappeared from my life

Bridge 1
Then we made love that made a new world
We changed the cold in our world
Into the safest place that I’ve known

verse 2
I’ve had my share
Of painful compromise
Learning to bear
Meaningless talk, naked lies

Then there was you
so fresh and so sincere
You always came through
always dependably clear to me

Bridge 2
Then we made love of broken pieces
Our hearts were desperate places
But now the sweetest home that I’ve known

Solo, Bridge 2

ad lib and choruses out
Track Name: I'm Gonna Know You
I Gonna Know You
©1999 Ola Onabule

I gonna know you
there is good in knowing what lives
in someone like you

I’m beginning to see through
all the veil and mystery
That you don’t want broken through
I’m gonna know You
Watch out!

Verse 1
Can’t get over it , I never will
And I don’t ever hear ya, closing in for the kill
and I’m disorientated, you got me thrown
I would come armour plated, If I’da Known

You think you got me on the wrong foot
But I won’t come tumbling down
You must have read me in the wrong book
Watch out I ain’t leaving town

Verse 2
Don’t want no part of it , It’s not my thrill
Of pain and tragedy, I've had my fill
reborn and reignited is my resolve
to never be subjugated, history won’t revolve

Spoken Word
My aim is to know you
To nestle myself in the furthest reaches of your subconscious
Till all your mental contortions and spiritual gyrations are but refracted shafts
Of the very light that serves the illumination of the path to my purpose
To know!
I’ll know you in the dawn
Unpeeled, uncooked, unprepared, uninitiated.
In your moments of momentous joy and pain
Till only through knowing that I have known you,
Will we both be human again

Choruses Out
Track Name: When I Look At You
©1999 Ola Onabule

Verse 1
Touching you, and everything is good
Kisses like nirvana food
clothed incense of heaven and above
silken sighs, sounds of love

When I look at you
When you’re one with me
I think of other moments in our lives
We’ve filled with ecstasy
And every memory’s a new rhapsody
That now is part of me
For all eternity


Verse 2
Shut my eyes, to hold the tide within
Where our bliss finds new meaning
And when you cry I shower you with song
satin words, strains of love

When I look at you
When you’re one with me
I think of other moments in our lives
We’ve filled with ecstasy
And every memory’s a new rhapsody
That now is part of me
For all eternity

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