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Never Known 05:02
NEVER KNOWN Ola Onabule © 2006 Smart Brother with an Afro like a halo round his head, Still marching to the rhythm of a hero that hate beat dead Heard his kin in the gutter call a damn good woman a bitch Says I thought we’d all gone a little further, Why you scratching that same old itch Forgive me if I preach But don’t he wanna reach For what the world can teach him (the guy says...) This ignorance is bliss There’s not a thing I miss But listening to this hymn It’s like this Coz I don’t wanna know, I don’t ever ask, And because I don’t ask It’s never owned So if it isn’t for me, I won’t even look And because I don’t look It’s never known. Sister with aspirations, to inspire other lives If only she can hold it, past the school yard hunting knives. Every kids got a story, how they had to get a bigger blade Cos being real cool doesnt cut it, You make your mark with the right upgrade She’ll try to make them see How different it can be Study without cold feet on (the kids say...) This ignorance is bliss Are you trying to diss Next on the lists a big gun
WHERE THE PAST GOES ( like a be bop singer) Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 She can’t know what I’m thinking while I watch her flash chichi smiles Watch her work the room, reel em in for miles A whole lifetime we, don’t get one another and we just don’t care, We act as though we do, when she works the room. I know I’m gonna pay for it, there’ll come a day I’ll have to pay for it I’ve been putting bits away for it Inside my mind. CHORUS I held my ground, far too long I got stuck saying no, Let no sentiments grow Where new renditions of the past go When after all That time is gone Hope I’ll just let it slide A weight off my mind, I can let it all go, where the past goes, when it goes VERSE 2 Somewhere deep within I feel a version of a love for her, And from what she’ says, she’s not behind by far I’m learning how to roll with it It’s not easy, I’ll grow into it If I just make more than history fit Inside my mind
THE DEVOURED MAN Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 Back in the day he was so cool Virtue like a glistening jewel proud of being incorruptible, Now he won’t scrutinize his soul And what he’s chosen not to know Beneath a mask of denial and stone CHORUS Its the motion, of stagnation A wink from temptation the skirts of wind blown caution That devalue a man Greeds belly rumbles We pause in vain fumbles A minutes silence in the jungle For the devoured man VERSE 2 We know he’ll want to justify With protestation, testify We get in line for all he’s left behind If he behaves it wont be far It’s just a heartbreaks drive by car close enough to learn whose loving her MID 8 Was it fragile pride, it never falls with grace It can quit without a single trace Leaving all it ever craved with bright red hands Was he an honest man, who planned to slay his price Till his price came calling more than twice. Guess now there aint the slightest doubt he understands
THIS FOOL AGAIN Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 It’s the girl with the hapless plan, To pursue sweet revenge. She’s resigned to do all she can, To execute a tragic end. Her bouquet of seduction floats past the traps of her eyes Feel her senses all taking notes She speaks her truth, but I hear lies CHORUS 1 If I get out of this and heaven spares my life Then I swear I’ll never be this fool again I can’t stay ever green or somewhere down the line I just know I’m bound to meet this fool again In places just like this. Now my mind’s playing chess with me I’m not doing so well I imagine what she can see Our room in her very own hell When she smiles I hear exits shut And I know that it’s time, If this moment belongs to hurt then good luck was never quite mine Message to myself, at your peril ignore That you must never stand in for this fool again So bold yet so naive, it’s time you knew the score One more slip like this you’ll lose this fool again this time, for good, for sure
GROOVE TO THE LIE Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 He was the small guy, with a big gun, From a small town, sent to the strange lands Was singing ‘get down’, now it’s stay down, sometimes stand down and other commands Thinking where’d it all go wrong, I can kill poor people, Can’t make them rich or strong Damned if I do, damned if I don’t Makes him wanna... CHORUS Put a groove to the lie, they’re not like us They don’t really get peace Put a funk to the shots yeah!, from all those guns coz they love on the wrong beat. Lets put some hip in the heads of Mr. Man, we chose to play us just right Put a groove to the lie yeah yeah!, that love is dead Because it’s missing tonight verse 2 He gets the white lies, on the black days Where the bloods red, whatever shade you are He gets the gizmos, so he can unload Then return home, no internal scars How did he get back here, We’ve all got protection but live in total fear Fear over there, war over here Makes you wanna
MIRACLE OBSTACLE Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 He feels that energy, And It’s the best shot he’s had in a really long while from the contortions of her racy body He knows that he’s about to be the man of his dreams and her dreams too It’s out of control, the feelings grown, he wants to pick the cherries to go and lets her know But he’s got no accessories, so she tells him no Sirree You can’t get in, without a permit Obstacle to the miracle, Just a miraculous obstacle VERSE 2 He’s off into the night his destination being seven-eleven yeah Where the storekeeper could chat all night, ‘Bout anything from sport to whats been on TV and on radio 2 He’s losing control and says ‘Man I’ve got to go’. Things I’ve got to tend to at home, so here’s your dough Then he rushes back prayerfully, Hope she’s waiting expectantly But He can’t get in, he’s blown the permit Obstacle to the miracle, just a miraculous obstacle MID 8 Raging and disbelieving, he let his, sure thing fall apart Aching, parts of him aching, knows for sure, one is his heart OUTRO Just about to lay good lovin on the line, When your kid walks in, and now you’re not doing so fine Communicating so well, you thought you were in the zone But your friend stepped in and soon he will be taking her home You’ve sacrificed for her love you can’t do enough But her daddy doesnt dig you so she’s calling the whole thing off He thinks for definite, in her heart he was the king Then finds no such thing as a sure thing if it’s not a happening thing
Truce Baby 05:11
TRUCE BABY Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 Oh we were dead in sync tonight near thinking with one mind Oh But now our rhythm’s not so tight and nothing else seems aligned So I find myself working burning up all senses, And I’m twisting and turning, throwing up defences, The hell is this... CHORUS I call a truce baby Put this time to sweeter use maybe If there is a perfect time to fight I know it’s not tonight Bring on that truce baby VERSE 2 Oh Now I feel misunderstood And I don’t care to be kind Oh Gave all the fighting chance I could Sweet harmony you declined Now you’re gonnna get all that trouble you’ve had coming You’ll need twisting and turning, keep on running, saying MID 8 Come the whole way, to the mid way And I’ll meet you there. We’ll cross our hearts and we’ll say, swear from this day We’ll have no more storms in here
True Friends 07:25
TRUE FRIENDS Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 Shake it off, shake off the feeling That notions helpless without you, so get back to believing It’s a straight up hustle, you get to pay to bow If you keep it in play, you’ll never see your happy ending out Tune it out, I said, tune out the static Don’t let it loose in your mind, And take the place of your logic Losers give opinions, on winning and success Whatever gets them talking, that’s what separates you from the rest Ask what you have... everything Ask what you’re worth... I’d say everything if you don’t know that, it’s not worth a thing And those tears will flow, with each hurtful sting CHORUS Where you go do they know of your dignity And the way you defend those you love Or the quickness of your generousity Are these true friends that you’re speaking of, Get it on, get on with living. You owe nobody a thing, good has been long in the coming So like headless chickens, let them run amok Trying to figure out exactly how you came by such amazing luck What would they give... everything To be where you are... I’d say everything if you don’t know that, it’s not anything But how gentle hearts get to struggling MID 8 You’re gonna say, say I’m wrong, then try to ask me more, whys and wherefores, It’s just the way it is, the way it’s always been. You make it hard, Or not at all Just as simple as you want it to be
MY OTHERPRAYER Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 I’ve never prayed here, it’s miles from my deep fears I rise, rub the sleep clear, I’m fine, undeniably My world fits like a good glove, but what I’m mostly proud of Is how it seems to just work, no fuss, uncomplicatedly CHORUS Go where you will, you’ll always be where you’re meant to be Seems like I’ve found a prayer that you were meant to be with me Ask what you will, you’ll only get what was always yours And so my other prayer Is what we have was always ours VERSE 2 Still disbelieving, we’ve chanced on such a good thing that gives life true meaning, no doubt, universally. And so in that spirit I’m thankful each minute, Could have all been so very different, no you, inconceivably MID 8 Go where you will, Ask what you will, Do what you will It’s gonna be the way, it’s meant to be!
The Detail 05:29
DETAIL Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 They’ve got people making up just what to believe Till you believe enough to simply leave things be, yeah And there’ others with a take on how to survive Till you’re trusting that they care if you’re alive, yeah Lately you’ve begun to question why The wool from over your eyes You don’t like what you see, But they say Certainly it would appear the truth is being twisted, wasted distorted We don’t think that you should get hung up on detail, do you. Yes it would appear our facts have been a little way off, way out, and waylayed But we don’t think that you should get hung up on detail, do you. VERSE 2 Now they got you wondering who really is real The baddie can be cool, the goody’s a bad actor And all that charm is making you forget what you feel They spun you in with smoke then out with a big fire Lately you’ve begun to feel short changed All the best bits were staged You don’t like it one bit but they say
Who Are You (free) 05:36
WHO ARE YOU Ola Onabule © 2006 He had a dye job, to make him stand out, this little despot, In a fluorescent coat. He said... I was a hoodlum, there could be no doubt, Just for returning home, by continental boat , returning to my home I don’t mind, stuff is happenning all the time But the drift of my soliloquy may be, Not a one, of any one, I counted on, Steps up to the line for me Born alone, Dies alone But doesn’t figure on fighting all alone Oh who are you, what are you doing here, living like Me Yes I am you, being those things that you won’t dare to be Who the hell are you! It’s not America, back in the twenties, How can he do this, I wanna cut him bad And my... Mist is reddening, my teeth are clenching, I need to drive off, before he drives me mad, All around the bend still they’re not here, lights are on but not upstairs And the soul of their philosophy may be If I’m alright then it’s alright for every one the hells it got to do with me Born alone, Dies alone They never figure on fighting all alone
Back Home 05:15
BACK HOME Ola Onabule © 2006 VERSE 1 Time breaks into my heart, steals my last remaining hope Doubts grow hazing the light of my memories of home They no longer know me, I’ve been gone too long And now I know, that love’s been long gone CHORUS I’ll ever be the one that left Ever the great outsider, fallen angel flying my pride in fortunes face A fall from grace Who needs that kind back home VERSE 2 No more desperate aims to redeem my shattered name I just can’t keep tryin to explain that I’ve always been the same By now they ought to know me, without compromise But if they don’t, I can’t live those lies MID 8 Home, home was a place where someone elses dreams for me never came true Home to me now is where ever I breathe VERSE 3 Are they thinking of me, can they still recall How we were, before the fall


The Devoured Man is my 6th studio album.

Self analytical, existential, contemplative and philosophical is the mood I was in. I was going to figure my world out...

...I didn't ...quite ..but writing got me closer to something good. like I'd made a winning point in an argument I thought I'd lose outright.



released August 26, 2007

Written, Produced & Performed by Ola Onabule

Executive Producer: Maria Avgoulis

Mixed by Teo Miller

Mastered by Andy ‘Hippie’ Baldwin at
Metropolis Studios, London.

Photographs by Melvyn Vincent

Sleeve Design by Kenny Herbert

Studio Assistant: Master Tayo Onabule


all rights reserved



Ola Onabulé UK

Ola’s new album, POINT LESS has been critically received worldwide. The new album is on the DownBeat list of Best Albums of 2019. .

Onabulé is a rugged individualist, a deeply soulful musician. Possessing an emotional intensity and vocal virtuosity, a poignant storyteller and capacity to cross cultural and musical boundaries with an unflinching lyrical pursuit of truth and justice.
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