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ballads of longings for love, and Gospels about loss of identity Anthems for Africa


released October 15, 2002

All songs written recorded and produced by Ola Onabule and mixed by Teo Mi8ller at Casa Del Phunque, Bedford. Mastered by Simon Francis at Metropolis, London.

Graphics and Artwork by Kenny Herbert
Photographs by Nick Gregan

Written, Recorded, Produced and Performed by Ola Onabule

Executive Producer - Maria Avgoulis


all rights reserved



Ola Onabulé UK

Ola Onabulé.

"Ola possesses a stunning voice of enormous range and emotional clout ..beautifully clear and appealingly textured".

The Guardian


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Track Name: Closer
Ola Onabule © 2001

Oh She’s Struttin'’ thru' her days, with a new song in her soul
And there’s no misery in the lexicon can harm her now
She’s in the strength zone and the zone’s in cruise control

Will She get to see the world of infinite possibles
Who can tell, It’s one of those solo mission things
just gotta be done

Stand up and get closer to yourself
face your truth, that’s your wealth
And you won’t ever have to fake your smile again
And It’ll make you feel real good as good as you’ve ever could
stand up and get closer to yourself,
You know it’s right

He was beating on himself, for dreams he could not realise
And this whole world he thought a weight Just made to drag him down
To where his faith could not materialise

Will he stop at fantasise or make it on to actualise
Who can tell, It’s one of those solo mission things
just gotta be done

Stand up and get closer to yourself
face your truth, that’s your wealth
And you won’t ever have to fake your smile again
And It’ll make you feel real good as good as you’ve ever could
stand up and get closer to yourself,
You know it’s right

Life can seek you out just to grief you out
Till you can’t remember what’s worth fighting for
Don’t let it smack you down, till hope runs aground
Get connected to what is best inside of you

You’re moving
Your star’s ascending
Don’t let no wrong thing
Closer to yourself

Stay motivated
once elevated
Closer to yourself
Track Name: One Life
Ola Onabule © 2001

They would have liked to stay together
but tortured vestiges of pride
Had conspired to keep them bitter
Till they were locked out from inside

So one fine morning he’ll be leaving
His perfect children all behind
Each trusting face gives up believing
and wouldn’t need to for a while

One life that’s all we have to get it right
Can’t live it over again
And that life rushes past somehow
One lifetime fighting hard just to survive
Who treats love like its a game
When life won’t stop rushing past somehow

Rushing past the plans we make
Faster than the steps we take
To correct our sad mistakes
one life is not enough for love gone wrong

He’s taking solace in new prayers
She’s voicing ills hate her heart denies
They called it freedom to disfigure
What they’d been building most their lives

One life just like a leap of faith
landing on a done deal
and no one seems willing to take the blame
A whole life trying to communicate
pain is all that feels real
Different tears tho’ the cry is the same

One life, and more still ain’t enough
One life, when driving love is rough
One life, ain’t done even when gone
One life, if you’ve found the perfect one
Track Name: W.O.W.
Ola Onabule © 2001

You’re it, for me, You’re more than I’d dared to hope for
I’m there, count me in, I’m good for everything you implore
since there ain’t one thing about you I’m inclined to regret
And each moment that we share seems to be better than our best moment yet
and I’m still yearning for more

Make the slightest move and deep inside my body I feel
Something so W.O.W.
And though I fight the burning urge to make each fantasy real
I find you so W.O...
double you, that’s you, its true that you're too good to be true
I Want you, to do, what you do because it’s W.O. W...

You smile, That’s nice, Keep moving
While my eyes are drinking it in
I try but in vain to keep my mind off original sin
There’s only one thing about you I might not admire
It’s that you only have to say the word and I’m providing love you require
Then I’m still yearning for more

You.. Inspire my aspirations, to realise all the plans
I have to make you so happy
I’m a captivated man
All of my senses are reeling from an attack of delight
I’m barely fit for clear thinking
You’re such a marvellous sight that’s you
Track Name: Wonderful Feeling
Ola Onabule © 2001

And they said to him it’s just compromise
Like trading up on dreams at a capital price
When you get to the top
You can do what you want
Fortune like time makes every wrong right

Only all right, until the road led
To a place he had never intended to be
He was okay, till the people he loved
had been caused so much pain,
He could not believe there once was a time
when life was:

Such a wonderful feeling,
Where every moment was joy
Filled with love and true meaning
Listening out for his inner voice

Now they circle him, the prey caught in flight
Distant shadow of once inspiring sight
Since you ain’t what you were
Take whatever's on offer
The degradation will tame your wild soul

Soon it’s too late, He’s on oblivion road
and hopes drowning beside him, too weary to swim
So he lets go, and won’t be coming home
And as peace overcomes him
He can hear them say It’s all such a shame
‘Coz’ he was

Such a wonderful feeling...

It was so right, the very first plan
Lost and beguiled, set adrift somehow
But that doesn’t matter now
coz he moved along and where he’s gone from
Is trading again
On all that is left of

Such a wonderful feeling...

To every sound of his heart
As it falls apart... now!!!

so beautiful Phenomenal
inner voice inner voice, you ain’t got no choice listen out for your inner voice cos it is...

Wonderful, Beautiful, magical, incomparable,
remarkable, phenomenal, unbreakable indestructible
Track Name: All Good
Ola Onabule © 2001

Stand up all the people, whose lives ain’t their own
Who ordered resolution but wound up getting hollow
building new mirages on old certainty
till Friday night rebellion crushes sobriety

Who finally completed what no one can see
A secret shrine to you and your new pal joe futility
We’ve lost communication with your inner child
Somewhere between brown nosing and feeling defiled
And just how well you’re coping cannot be denied
But every intermission has you running stark wild

You're in there somewhere just harder to reach
Mocking and meaner but easier to teach the truth
Life ain't no Vanilla thing and yet it’s all good!

Nobody knows you as you really are
You’d love to head back but you travelled so far you know
Life ain't no Vanilla thing and yet it’s all good!

Good bye everybody It’s time go home
There’s no more entertainment when the clown does it solo
Think it’s time we caught up on reality
death defying feat of actuality
to face up to the true face of duality
and understand how far you’ve drifted from honesty
Track Name: Lagos Boy
Ola Onabule © 2001

Lagos boy face up to the truth
Hope is fading, chances slipping
And neither joy nor pride in victory past
can stay the closing, if tomorrows failings are sealed

Lagos boy I have heard the world’s
no longer listening, and long stopped caring
It’s bitter joy, guiding home the lost
whose fated journey is not beginning to end

You promised so much, we longed for so long
Beyond reach or touch
Gone where believing went
tested without relent
all expectation spent still can’t see
A better future right ahead of us

Lagos boy pull back from the edge
Of self destruction a new direction
May bring true joy, and help you rid yourself
Of old perceptions till self-deception is past

it’s unravelling before your eyes, be still, then you might see there’s so much ahead

We struggled we fought, survived all as one
tho’ beaten and wrought
We seek a new dream to hold
to make us brave and bold
Eyes without scales of old that see
A brighter future right ahead of us

Lagos boy you bound our hopes to faith
but God is sleeping and can’t hear our pleading
We prayed that joy would find our weary hearts
Tho'” we’re still waiting, time is passing us by

Lagos boy you have to turn it round
So many of you are not returning
and there's no joy in losing sight of home
When home is burning and you’ve no home Lagos boy
Track Name: Like Him
Ola Onabule © 2001

When I look at him in the autumn of his years
I see a man whose self assurance can incline

Words from him to float subtle as a breeze
Yet so effortlessly ease my troubled mind

His life philosophy, to him seems so elementary
To square up to all doubt, within not from without
Be brave enough

If I like him, can learn to temper all with grace
and walk life at a measured pace
Maybe I’ll be

Deeper than thought of inconsequentials
Clearer than simple truths, Broader than one mind
Certain beyond proof circumstantial
Willing to be myself
Beyond doubting shadows oh oh

Now watch with me as I raise my infant son
to be the man I must become If I’m like him
Track Name: He Says
Ola Onabule © 2001

He knows just how it’s gonna be
The be the end and all is he
almost perfection
In his own perception

He’ll tell you what you ought'ta feel
Coz what you feel cannot be real
Just apparitions
passing aberrations

Oooh! he’s almost intellectual
quasi pseudo liberal
Oooh! It’s never personal
only theoretical
When he says

You wanna walk free, come and see me, and then we might see
You’d like to stand tall, you gotta drop all, and just follow me.
There ain’t much to see, Unless seen through me, Unquestioningly
So if you feel small, Backed up to the wall, Its because you ain’t me!

He’ll tell you he’s the source of life
and doesn’t just reflect the light
He’s the connection,
To divine illumination

And tho’ he digs you at the roots
feeling your authentic truths
He thinks that he could do you
Far better than you do.

Oooh! He’s a modern radical
dangerously acceptable
Oooh! maximum infallible
And it’s only logical
That he says

You gotta give up no ones to blame
That’s why you came last in the humanity game
You ain’t enough of all that you mean to me
And far to much of what I feared you might be
I don’t think you’ll need you, At least not today
See It was never about you’ Its about seeing it my way
Track Name: We Don't Know
Ola Onabule © 2001

Lead with our hearts, block with our heads
Give more than we get, and we never say dead
Play tougher than steel, whatever we feel
Rather push on through, than stop and talk it through

Surely we, that chance in a million
Cosmic miracle event
standing on the banks of oblivion
Naked without hope would wonder why!

We don’t know where we’re going
Sure ain’t sure if we’ll get there
We don’t know just when the journey starts
And we don’t know, that we don’t know

Take what you need, no need to replace
Time and love often tasted in haste
We’re not even close to how it could be
we choose delusion and spin, As tho' what lives ain't within

Trapped between a vision of heaven
as everlasting happiness
and the quest for wealth and ambition
far beneath ambition for deeper breadth

We’ll say that’s just the way it is
Impossible but meant to be
Some kinda mystic destiny
But we can’t know, don’t know

Some will try to say it ain’t our watch
Ain’t meant to live up to so much
We’ll take the cash and stay in touch
With what we really truly do not know
Track Name: Changed
Ola Onabule © 2001

You changed in many chilling ways
you gaze out longer your fuse is so much shorter
and you aint participating
your interest is abating
You clean forgot what we were

Wherever you’re gone seems far from here
And your body’s itchin' to disappear
Now that times are rough
You can’t abandon us enough

There was a home in your heart but it’s closed
And there’s a cut in your soul in which no love can grow
One day you’ll know how it feels to be alone
Till then you won’t change

You changed in such a complex way
Your smile was warmer Your meaning so much clearer
Now you’re just reciting
mocking and deriding
Like you forgot how we were

And since it seems you're gone far from here
I aim to follow and disappear
Times have got so rough
That memories just ain’t enough
Track Name: Catch Me
Ola Onabule © 2001

Known days when even breathing is hard
Life throws it’s blows when I drop my guard
But I hold still, with a calm pause, and my sails low for the next wave

And there are no days when the losing ain’t hard
Lady luck deals a hand so without regard
But I hold still, with a calm pause, and my sails low for the next wave
I feel secure

However it turns, which way, You’re always there to catch me...
(And I believe)
if I fell from grace, You’d still be proud to stand beside me
I’m sure, with love enough to catch me

When fate holds out on the dreams that we share
and chance turns away like it doesn’t care
You just hold still, with a calm pause, and your sails low for the next wave

Small gains seem the greater when shared
Love’s like a shield that deflects the fear
If we hold still, with a calm pause, and our sails low for the next wave

I’ve never been scared of the fall
I’m not worried at all
what will be will be, I can’t change night to day

But it sweetens the pill
that you believe in me still
even when self doubt stands in my way
Track Name: Gone
Ola Onabule © 2001

You gotta go while its gotta be good to be gone
You gotta be where to be gone is good
You gotta roll when they say its game on

You gotta run where the races are ran to be won
And if you leave while the left ain't so big
You’ll be long gone, so long

So you find yourself jamming in a dump like this one
Consider it might be cos you’ve played your whole life wrong
There so much you could have kissed to get to be someone
Don’t you think its time to swallow all that pride and be gone

Gotta be gone, far and long gone
gotta get going
Gotta move on, better push on, you wanna get on

Should'a been real strong
Should'a said so long
You, should'a kept moving
Could'a been done, you could'a been gone, If only you’d been trying to be strong!!!

Hasn’t done you any good to keep turning up here
When your future could be shinning much brighter elsewhere
And if I had your gift I would gotta the hell outta here
Come to think of it my whole life's been...
wish I were gone

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